There must be a time when you need to anonymise your files, one key step is to remove all the URLs in hyperlinks. If you only do a Search n Replace, the sensitive information will still be stored in the hyperlinks. Here’s how to do it in both Windows and Mac environment. Windows: Single instance: Read more ..

Question: How to patch Shellshock vulnerability on an obsolete Linux version that you cannot upgrade? I encountered this when I was patching a Backtrack VM server for our client. First I did a apt-get update apt-get dist-upgrade Which didn’t really upgrade the Bash version and after testing I found the host is still vulnerable to Read more ..

Date: 2014.07.05 Hotel: W Hong Kong Ceremony: Bethanie Chapel Dinner: The Pawn Here comes the photos…

Abstract: Use The Free PhotoRec Tool To Recover Photo From Your Corrupted CF/SD Card When you come back from a whole day’s shooting, hungry & tired, I believe the worst thing could ever happen is that your cf/sd card gets corrupted and won’t read either in camera or with card-readers. It could also be your Read more ..

More features are coming…Stay tuned!

Got an email from WPJA membership service, updating that I have passed their assessment and will be accepted into the big family! (well…after paid the membership fee of course~)

JZ-Vision is finally online! HURRAH!!!